Ontario Budget endorses food security

With three of the top five ideas being in food (and the other two in mental health), the public has shown food as high priority, and the need for significant further investment by the government after the next election.

4 ways corporations can improve food security

Traditional corporate social responsibility won’t cut it if you want to make a difference in food security, you can’t just donate some cans to a food bank anymore.

Do your part: how to spot n stop fake news now

Here are some ways to spot fake news, so you can do your part to shut it down:

Take a look at a lot of articles on your feed and you’ll notice they share the extact same design format,

One easy way you can advance food security in Ontario

Education on healthy food is a step closer to being implemented across the curriculum, thanks to a Government pilot in participatory budgeting, the work of Janet Nezon and Mardi Michels, and strong support from the public across the province. The Government received 700 ideas and will put up to $5 million into up to five…

The real reason Toronto’s King St pilot is so important

“We can’t solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein, supposedly.” Toronto faces great challenges, as do other cities that were built for buggies and cars, rather than to adapt for people and their technological changes over time.¬†Urban areas are crowding, facing huge infrastructure debts and worsening…

Why NYC’s Green Socialist has lessons for Toronto (video)

Hundreds of residents were celebrating last night in Brooklyn’s 35th District as Jabari Brisport as Green candidate Jabari Brisport gained 8,600 votes. Brisport is a young black man who grew up in the community he ran in, creating a huge local response about key issues they’re facing: gentrification, climate change, need for electoral reform, poverty….

Check out the new Heritage Minute on Kensington Market

Kensington Market has a special place in Canada’s history, but also a special place in our food history. The Market is a unique place where the otherwise British ideas and ideals of Toronto and its views on food and culture didn’t reign. New Canadians created a food oasis in the middle of a City that…

World Food Plan announced + 1 million $$

Following the development of a Food Security Strategy, the Province today launched Local Food Week with a new plan and consultation on “World Food”. Following the energy of farmers, researchers, community garden organizers and chefs, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has taken clear interest in the development of local growing of…

New GTA org offers budding urban farmers huge plots this Spring

Want to grow your own vegetables using organic methods, but don’t know where to begin?
Green Peas Organic, a new organization has just been formed to manage an important project now in its 5th season, at McVean Farm on TRCA’s Claireville Conservation Area in Brampton.

Food security social enterprises:

MaRS has partnered with funding from the Provincial Government to offer an accelerator program supporting in-progress social enterprises focusing on food security. Do you think social enterprises can improve food security? Should the government take this approach while allowing¬†incomes lag and poverty to rise? Can a business model be provided that can profit while providing…