Social Resilience and Adaptation Award

Climate change and other major social and ecological challenges are happening now and getting worse. While we mitigate and prevent as much of the damage as possible, we must also adapt our society for what is coming.

At the community level we can prepare for global and local challenges by building networks with neighbours and identifying opportunities to prepare. To prepare for a flood, we’ll need to work with our neighbours and institutions. To adapt to changing land and weather, we may collectively research and experiment with ancient crops or adapt hunting methods. Here’s a great project example.

Through adapting to climate change we can create projects that provide secondary benefits, like becoming more food/water/energy secure, increasing political awareness, or creating green jobs.

The Social Resilience and Adaptation Award will be awarded to a group with a $1000CAD prize and promotional opportunities, for a project that builds social resilience at the local level in the face of social and ecological challenges.

Who can apply

  • Organizations and collectives of any kind, with preference to grassroots and smaller projects, including Indigenous Peoples and people of colour, low-income, and Northern and rural groups. Anywhere in North America, Turtle Island.

To apply, please write no more than a page with a few sentences each on:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your initiative?
  • Which indicators of social resilience does your initiative hope to improve (see this chart on page 250 for some), and any other benefits?
  • What are your rough project costs and how can you use the award?
  • Feel free to attach other articles, documents or videos.

Email your one page attachment with Award in the subject line to:

Applications will not be shared beyond the selection committee without permission.


  • June 21, 2019


  • July 5, 2019