Create your own edible, urban forest

Need a tasty way to build community resilience?

If we’re going to approach the impacts of climate change, not only do we need strong bonds between insects and plants to foster ecological diversity, we also need to pollinate strong social networks at the neighbourhood level. Only then can we can rise to any challenges we may face.

Here’s a way I’ve been doing both.

Thinking about preparing citiesĀ for climate crisis and oil depletion, the Transition Towns movement has grown around the globe. Transition Toronto created an incredible project called Tree Mobile to help people plant fruiting trees and shrubs all over town. They have even provided small grants to community projects, from the earnings of those who purchase from them.

For the third year, we just ordered trees and shrubs for Building Roots‘ Urban Farm at Ashbridge Estate with the Ontario Heritage Trust, on Queen St. in East Toronto. Our first planting in 2017 was in honour of Sarah McAlister, an incredible environmentalist and health advocate who we lost to cancer.

Not only in the GTA, Tree Mobile is also in Guelph and now Brant County. You have until April 17th – or when items are sold out – to buy what you need for a private property, or a public one where you have permission. Our Farm is on provincially owned land, and we’e also purchased for a farm in the country. Tree Mobile shares maintenance tips, and for a few bucks, they’ll even plant the trees for you, making it super accessible.

But here’s where you can use the project to create social resilience like we do in Building Roots. Bring a team from your community, including kids, out to learn about what you’re doing. They can then work together to maintain the trees (see Orchard People), plan new ideas, reach out to partners, and be inspired to think up more places to plant in the fall or next spring.

Check out this awesome partner, plan your space and make your order: Tree Mobile

Let me know if you need any more tips or have project ideas: