Ontario Budget endorses food security

Excited to shared important Ontario Budget announcements regarding food security:

$1 million has been announced for a pilot for food gardens in elementary schools. This as well as the following two projects were awarded as part of a participatory budgeting project by the Province. Thanks to the Ministry of Education for working with us in this.. I’m planning to work hard to see this through to implementation.. Thanks to Janet Nezon and Mardi Michels and Imagine A Garden In Every School for your advocacy with many others.

With three of the top five ideas being in food (and the other two in mental health), the public has shown food as high priority, and the need for significant further investment by the government after the next election.

Also funded is $1 million for a food security youth pilot project in Northern Ontario and $1 million for a research study to reduce waste among food retailers.

Further to this, the Province’s Food Security strategy has yielded results to support work being done on food by community groups – announcing a new Food Security and Climate Change Impact Fund. These are meant to supplement income security measures, which need significant and immediate increases, particularly for those on social assistance (today’s rate increase only 3%. We need 25% stat. Liberals have had how many years to do this?). The fund is to support community, Indigineous, and Northern food initiatives.

Government getting involved in food security work is a major step for the food movement. Also important connection between food + climate. Please share and continue to advocate on food, poverty and climate, to all parties.

  • Learn more about the food and mental health projects funded to a million each.
  • Read about the proposed new fund for food security and climate.
  • See these important proposed changes to social assistance.

Darcy Higgins lives in Toronto. He is a Partner of the social venture Building Roots, a consultant, activist and writer on food, sustainability and community building.

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