Why NYC’s Green Socialist has lessons for Toronto (video)

Hundreds of residents were celebrating last night in Brooklyn’s 35th District as Jabari Brisport as Green candidate Jabari Brisport gained 8,600 votes. Brisport is a young black man who grew up in the community he ran in, creating a huge local response about key issues they’re facing: gentrification, climate change, need for electoral reform, poverty.

His campaign brought solutions like participatory budgeting, public land trusts for afforable housing, and money out of politics. He was once arrested for picketing luxury housing proposed in his neighbourhood.

Although the movement couldn’t take out the Democratic candidate (there was no Republican), the campaign is likely to continue to influence political decisions. Others elected throughout the United States yesterday ran as socialists, as fighting for progressive victories and not shying away from labels traditionally seen as toxic to American politics.

These campaigns, as well as Valérie Plante’s win as mayor of Montreal, have organizing lessons for those in urban Canada who are fed up with homeless and pedestrian deaths, increasing unaffordability of housing, and inattention to environmental destruction and food insecurity, and want to take a stronger stand.

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