New GTA org offers budding urban farmers huge plots this Spring

Want to grow your own vegetables using organic methods, but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you have some growing skills but no space to grow? A large garden plot might be just the solution you need.

Green Peas Organic, a new organization has just been formed to manage an important project now in its 5th season, at McVean Farm on TRCA’s Claireville Conservation Area in Brampton. It follows the excellent work of FarmStart at this site. A few plots are still available for the 2017 season, on what used to be a significant farm, and now holds space to help folks on a possible journey as farmers – or to grow food for their family and friends.

Green Peas Organic aims to increase local, neighbourhood production of organic food. We’re working to build capacity, social capital and economic opportunities (like selling what you grow!), while enjoying and sharing all the benefits of small-scale farming, which belongs aross the City. I’m proud to be part of it and support this work.

Together we are making this service available at a very small cost, with a huge opportunity for people serious about growing. Registration for the 2017 growing season has begun. To inquire about signing up for a plot, please email:

“We have a wonderful range of ages, experience, languages, and crops,” says plots coordinator and fellow Board Member, Kate Hamilton. “We work our plots independently, but it’s a cheerful, collaborative environment — we’re constantly sharing tips, celebrating successes, and telling stories about home farms. And the experience and skills gained last a lifetime.”

When asked about the time it takes to work a large plot, Kate says, “If you’re used to a farm, this is small; if you’re used to a backyard, it’s large. But for growing most of the season’s produce for a family, this is just the right size. In spring, participants visit several times a week to plant and weed; this is a great family activity. Less time is necessary once your plants are established and growing strong, but we find many people come to the plots just as often for the relaxation of the outdoor natural experience.”

The modest participation fee includes access to water and support from the coordinators on the requirements of organic production and getting the most out of the Ontario season. There are few facilities — but there’s no charge for the big sky, the songbirds, or the satisfaction of putting your own produce on your plates!

Would you like to contribute to this growing project? You can share this news with friends and organziations, donate, or volunteer. Check it out: